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Since its founding in June 1998, BEYS has developed into a renowned and internationally renowned consulting agency that sets standards in various specialist areas. Many customers from the founding years belong to the customer base of the agency which is active in Germany, Europe and Turkey.

BEYS is a consulting agency, which develops complex and competent solutions for companies in marketing, research and personnel consulting with different teams.


    A Mediterranean heart with a German colour - that is the core of our agency.We see ourselves as a service company with a multicultural background.Therefore we live both professionally and privately to bring different cultures into harmony. We are convinced that every new experience that we prefer to gain with many different people enriches us and brings us further.



    Confucius once said: The way is the goal. Our goal is to show you a way in which we can constructively implement your concerns together. In the course of this, we make your concern ours. Our strengths, such as empathy, understanding of problems and dialogue, enable us to show you possible ways that will guarantee that you will reach your desired goal.



    Curiosity and thirst for knowledge characterise and represent our corporate objective. These characteristics drive us to develop and implement innovative ideas. Open to new ideas, we are constantly discovering new possibilities, whether with our customers, our employees or our friends. Motivation controls our workflow.



    BEYS is a consulting agency with expertise and competence, from the relaunch of a brand to the development of the company's personnel infrastructure. We do not say that a client can only be happy with us. He can find happiness with us. We do everything, but we don't do everything. At BEYS, quality, fair play and respect are of paramount importance. What goes against our personal principles will fall by the wayside.

Our employees include marketing specialists, personnel consultants, event specialists, conceptioners, copywriters, media consultants and new media specialists.

You will find neither hierarchical structures nor "grey eminences" in our workforce. Ideas are always welcome, no matter which head they come from. Every interesting suggestion is taken up and thought through. Basically, work and fun, teamwork and trust are the most important things.