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In times of fierce competition, the ability to keep an eye on social developments in Germany in order to adapt to them is becoming increasingly important. BEYS always strives to proceed methodically in order to develop concepts that are oriented towards target groups and market needs. BEYS develops its own innovative mechanics and carries out projects in Germany. 
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The biggest music survey in Germany

The BEYS research team developed a sophisticated digital mechanism for the long-standing customer Metropol FM to improve the program quality of the radio station. In a period of more than 4 weeks and in more than 10 broadcasting areas teams with tablets and headphones were on the move.

More than 1300 listeners of the successful radio station agreed to participate and were allowed to share their opinions about 50 music titles.

The results flowed daily into our data base and were quasi immediately live in the Radiosender available. Amazed radio professionals have confirmed to us that no direct measure is known to them, which could give also only approximately such solid information to the music program of their transmitter.