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YAYLA on the road to success with new communication strategy

After BEYS won an agency competition in early 2016, the team around Burhan Gözüakca developed a far-reaching communication strategy in which the YAYLA brand uncompromisingly focuses on the needs of mothers.

The campaign is unusual for the entire industry and marks a new start for YAYLA’s customer relations. Burhan Gözüakca from BEYS “Of course, we’re not the first to put mothers at the centre of communication, but we don’t make use of tired stereotypes and focus our activities as strongly as hardly any other food brand has dared to do before”.

New TV spot

The campaign will start with an elaborate 66-second TV spot in which the secret of YAYLA’s success will be revealed. During a factory tour, various test stations in the company are shown, which are supervised by YAYLA mothers. The casting show for dairy cows is just one of the extraordinary ideas that are supposed to represent the care of the mothers in a witty exaggeration.

The spot will be broadcast from 30 October 2016 on all relevant Turkish TV stations in Europe and will be accompanied by online activities and various PoS measures.